Burq@kt – the stunts


– “Burq@ktTwist” 10.09  2011

Performance stunt at Høst Utstilling 2011 Oslo – The Oslo Automne Exhibition  (outside the catalogue)

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“Burq@ktTwist” at the Autumn Exhibition (Høst Utstilling, Kunstnernes Hus Oslo. Photo: Liz Sardari Kermani



–  “Burq@ktCrises”  04. 2011 at the Stavanger Artmuseum

While waiting for the video of the performance stunt at the Stavanger Art museum,
I invite you to listen (for the french speaking) to the radio interview by Laure Adler of  René Passet, french economist and first leader of the scientific board of ATTAC.

– “Burq@ktCrises”  26.08.2010 at the Stavanger Kunstforening 
26.08 – 19.09 Hommage á Iver Jåks
In order to give an homage to the sculptor Iver jåks (1932-2007) the North-norwegian art senter, RiddoDuottarMuseat, the sami artsenter and the Saviomuseum have created an exhibition tour. The exhibition is visiting the Stavanger art association.
With my performance “ÅÅÅ – Balance act”, I give the  action as my personal homage to the sami sculptor and connect ourselves to two other sculptors, Eugen Brâncúsi (1876-1957) and Tjartan Slettemark(1932-2008).

Moving slowly around the exhibition space as a living sculpture … 

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Burq@aktcrise skf

“Burq@crises” Homage á Iver Jåks, Stavanger Kunstforening 2011, photo: Nina Nomoneyproblem

Homage  à Iver – Homage à Constantin– Homage à Tjartan

”Iver Jåks set together pieces of natural materials he found around him, and polished, and worked on the piece he obtained progressively, pieces of small size … connecting the act of observing elements and small events, nature around him and the making of contemporary sculpture, an act of urban civilisation.”

“Constantin Brâncuşi set focus on the pedestals of his sculptures by carving them. He invited the public to his studio to point out the impact he meant the sculptures, their base and the space around them had on each other. Later on he made the infinite sculpture, a carved peace of wood stretching to the sky.”

“Tjartan Slettemark set together the discharged materials  of  our overwelming object focused civilisation, and gave them the value of contemporary sculpture.”

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